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Hello World

Once, a former boss, seeing me know everything beforehand, call me "Pro." Now everybody calls me that. 😎

Hi! I'm Rasel Ahmed! Also known as Pro Rasel.

Hands-on Experienced with project management and developing web application for maximum usability. Always have been at heart. While I’ve bounced around different places as a developer, I’ve always been much better at managing big-picture products and teams of individuals.

Today, I’m managing a Software products for Programming Hero, and I’m finally realizing my true potential.

I believe organized communication and management can solve every problem. I’m a big believer in structured communication

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Experience and skills

3 years+ Experienced as a Product manager / Full Stack Developer / Quality Assurance Specialist. (If you'd like to know more about my experience, feel free to connect with me. :D)

Full Stack Developer


Fiverr is an online marketplace that is changing how the world works together. So, Let's make your product awesome!

Software Product Manager

Programming Hero

An enthusiastic startup focusing on making learning fun, interactive and scalable app. We are cooking our biggest product.

Software Quality Assurance

Codinism Inc.

We keep you engaged in the technology and architectural decisions and then do the heavy lifting.

Product Management
Team Management
Strategic Planning
Risk Management
Product Road Mapping
Financial Analysis
Education WHAT WE DO

Education & Courses

The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.

Management | Honours

Siddheswari College, located in Dhaka, is one of Bangladesh’s most important and earliest higher educational institutions.

Business studies | Intermediate
Crown College, DHAKA

Crown Institute of Business & Technology is a private college located in Dhaka. offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

Android Developent
CodersTrust Bangladesh

We keep you engaged in the technology and architectural decisions and then do the heavy lifting.